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CRAVE – Savory * Sips * Sweets


Located just moments away from Denver’s Colorado Convention Center and the DCPA, Crave is an oasis of indulgence, offering a touch of the familiar infused with our signature brand of Crave decadence.  With a sleek and sexy urban feel, handcrafted desserts, cocktails, and exceptional savory items, Crave caters to the epicurean in all of us.


Crave offers brunch on the weekends to those that love to get a jump on the day.  We’re serving up our signature breakfast sandwich, pastries, and luxurious coffee from Denver’s own Method Roasters, award-winning roasters who still handcraft every roast with a signature open-air roasting process that truly makes an exceptional cup of joe.

Whether you’re on the run or planning on settling in, we’re sure Crave will be a welcome addition to your morning routine.



Join your mid-day Crave staff for grab-and-go lunch options, or have a seat on our patio and enjoy a full meal.  We have a comprehensive lunch menu offering from creative french-bread pizzas, to gourmet sandwiches and wraps, to an even lighter and refreshing list of salads.  At Crave, we believe that a great afternoon should lead to an extraordinary evening.  It’s the precursor to perfection.



Sundown is when Crave revs up, honoring that sweet side of life that puts a cherry on top of any outing.

Revel in our Dessert Bar where Crave’s pastry culinary team is pursuing perfection, creating an amazing array of delights paired with our lively cocktail concoctions.  We’ve rounded out the beverage menu with exotic port wines, lavish champagnes, coffees, teas and espressos to keep your evening going long into the night.

But dessert isn’t all we do.  The strength of Crave’s pastry team is matched by a team of creative culinarians who are constantly developing and refining savory dishes from small plates and charcuterie boards featuring in house pickling, mustard, and prosciutto to full savory entrées.  We are the perfect destination for a pre-show bite or a three course meal including small plates, full entrées, and plated desserts.

Sweet or savory, whatever you’re in the mood for we have what you Crave!


Savory * Sips * Sweets.






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